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How does an In-Home Moving Estimate Work?

A moving estimate helps us determine how many crew members and how much equipment to provide for your move. It’s also a chance to identify challenging logistics like how mover-friendly your current home is and how to arrange furniture in the moving truck.

An in-home moving estimate is the most common estimate type—and that’s because it’s the most accurate. One of our agents will come to your home to calculate the cost of your move while taking into account all your inventory and even items you may have forgotten about. This provides our team with precise quotes of how much the whole process will cost..

A lot of people wonder if they need to be home during an in-home moving estimate—and the answer is yes. You do have to be there to walk them through each room

Do’s and Don’ts Before Your Moving In-Home Estimate

Before we come over, be sure to review our 10 do’s and don’ts to make sure you are prepared.

1. Do start early!

As soon as you decide to move, give us a quick call! There is no penalty for changing or canceling your dates should you change your mind. You can set an appointment up to 3 months before your move. Also, the earlier you book, the more savings you are likely to see!

2. Don’t buy packing material from outside sources!

Nothing makes us more disappointed than a customer who just spent hundreds of dollars on boxes that they could have gotten from us at discounted prices, or even better, some for free!

3. Do decide what you are taking!

Before the estimate you should have a fairly solid idea of what items you are taking. If you are still deciding on a few items, it’s always best to include them on the initial estimate. Remember, estimates and inventories can ALWAYS be revised if you change your mind.

4. Don’t have a friend or realtor take your place at the estimate!

Sometimes this is unavoidable, which is understandable. But the best thing to do is to take an afternoon off of work and dedicate that time to have a few movers come over. Personally meeting with and hearing from the people who will be handling everything you own is a great way to give yourself extra peace-of mind as well.

5. Do keep your inventory consistent!

If you are speaking to multiple moving companies, make sure to keep the inventories identical or as similar as possible. This is important because if another estimate was from weeks or even months before ours, prices will tend to differ drastically. We want your estimates to be as comparable as apples to apples. Remember, you can always make changes to your estimate and inventories after you select us!

6. Don’t pack everything before the estimate!

If you have everything packed before the estimate, that works too! But, don’t feel the need to have everything boxed before the estimators come. Our estimators are trained to look at unpacked items in your closets and cupboards and estimate the required boxes needed. Even better, we will provide you with a breakdown of how many boxes and the type of boxes you’ll need to get everything packed!

7. Do choose Seamen’s!

With over 20 years in business, we only have our dedicated customers to thank! Our employees take great pride in our work and are always aware that we aren’t just moving items, we’re moving lives