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New York City Storage Rental Service

Rent your storage in NYC with us and we’ll keep your goods safe. Here’s why:

Safe & secured facility:

Fire proof and fully sprinkled, central alarm & video monitoring.

Mini Storage:
Private rooms. Month to month rental- no obligation, short or long term. Large variety of room sizes, starting from 5 x 5 x 8 and up. All our rooms are 8-12 feet high, to allow for maximum capacity.

Containerized Storage:
We will pick up your belongings, move them into our storage, and deliver them for you when you need them. Each of your items will be tagged and you will receive a full and itemized inventory list, prepared for you by our Forman.

Our prices are very competitive and guaranteed to be lower than most of our New York storage rental competitors.

Fully Insured:
our facility is fully insured for your protection.

Free Estimates:
contact our sales department for a free- no obligation estimate. They will provide you with all the information you need regarding your moving into storage.

Our Rates:
Rent your storage in NYC with us and get binding estimates with reasonable and competitive rates. There are no surprises nor hidden costs. The cost is determined by measuring the volume of your goods.

Remember, no job is too small for Seamens. We offer our services outside of the United States, delivering to anywhere in the world. Storage is also available. Don't make a move without us.

Rent Storage NYC | Storage Services NYC | Storage NYC