Spring is coming

One of the nicest parts of the year is nearly upon us and the cold winter weather is retreating, giving way to sunny days full of outdoor activity. This also means that Spring cleaning is also something to be considered, the idea of spending a whole day cleaning up the parts of the house you have been avoiding can be a scary one, but it doesn’t have to be! The warmer weather and longer days provide the perfect opportunity to start fresh with a bright clean house that might look so good by the end you won’t believe it is actually yours. Here at Seamen’s Moving we are huge fans of clean homes because it makes our job easier when taking all of your belongings from your old home to new. Here are a few tips we have learned over the years that should make your spring cleaning quick and effective leaving you with a beautiful home ready for anything.

– Your bedroom starts with your closet
Reorganizing your closet is a great way to open up more space and finally be able to get anything that might have been hanging on a chair or left in a pile out of sight. Putting as much as you can on hangars is preferred by many individuals as it allows you to see everything you own at once.
– Clean your walls and windows
Having clean walls and windows is a luxury that usually does not last for too long but is necessary to maintain a presentable home. For walls with paint on them slightly dampen a clean cloth with warm water to get any marks off. If they are exceptionally severe you might want to consider repainting a portion, just make sure to check which pain you previously used. For windows use a cloth soaked in soapy water to clean smudges but then use a separate clean cloth to dry the window to avoid leaving streaks.
– Carpet and Rugs
No one enjoys vacuuming but carpets and rugs can quickly become dirty so you should strive to vacuum them once a week. If you have a significant amount of them in your home consider hiring professional carpet cleaners to steam the carpets, it will have them looking brand new. Another easy way to clean small to medium sized rugs is to take them outside and beat to get any dirt and dust out. Leaving them outside to air out is also a good idea but just make sure to place them in the shade so the colors do not fade.
– Bathroom
We tend to spend a significant amount of time in the bathroom so it quickly can collect all sorts of unwanted materials, especially if it has tiling. Grit is easily collected between tiles so take some baking soda and water and scrub the cracks to break up anything that might have built up. All the moisture in the shower can lead to a showerhead getting jammed up with dried up minerals. An easy solution to this is to tie a bag of vinegar around the showerhead and leave it there for 30 minutes or more depending on how much time you have.

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