Should I pack or should I go

Everyone feels different about packing and unpacking. Some may hate to unpack while others love to pack. There is a certain level of crazy required for each. That being said, we ve given you plenty of tips on how to pack, what to pack, and all the help you could possibly need for your moving day. But what about when the dust and boxes settle Unpacking in a new empty place can certainly be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be if you follow these steps.

The Essentials

If you remember, we spoke about packing an essentials box at the end our last post. This was a box that you moved personally, containing some of your prized possessions and items that are essential to your everyday life. This is the first box you should unpack because odds are if it was important to you in your old house, it will be important to you in your new house.

Go Over Your inventory List

This is a two-part step. Get the copy of your inventory list and begin a post-move checklist. Hopefully, the movers followed the directions on your boxes and they all found their way to their proper room. Be sure to check that each room has it s assigned boxes. After you ensure that all your belongings are physically in the house, you can move on to the next step.

Envision the House

Before you unpack anything, envision what you would like your new house to look like. Find a place for everything in each room before you start tearing into boxes. Another tip to help ease the burden of unpacking is to hang some pictures and decorations. By making it feel a little more homey, you won’t feel so overwhelmed.

Start with the Kitchen and The Most Important Rooms First

This is a smart idea because the kitchen will serve as a sort of home base. As far as rooms in a house go, the kitchen is one of the most important. Unpacking and organizing the kitchen will allow for you to have a place to take breaks and eat. Having a room to sit in that feels settled and uncluttered will help you decompress when feeling the stresses of unpacking. From there, move to the other rooms accordingly. A good plan of attack is to tackle the bathroom next, then the bedrooms, and last the living room and common areas. Always unpack the most important items in each room first, these are generally the items you use on a daily basis. Don t be in a rush to get every room finished because it will only drive you crazy and what a short ride it will be. Work on the kitchen and make sure you have a place to sleep, the rest will come.

Arranging the Furniture

After unpacking the essentials getting a couple of your most important rooms squared away, start going room by room and arranging the furniture or at least give yourself a visual of what you want. This will help in terms of only having to move the furniture once and save a little wear and tear on your back. Any large pieces of furniture that need assembling should be tended to first once you have an idea of where it is going. Remember to only go one room at a time, to minimize disorganization and clutter.

Lastly: The Garage and Basement

The last two rooms you should unpack are the garage and basement. Since most items in both these rooms aren’t exactly essential, look to organize the room itself before fully unpacking. This means setting up storage or shelving for any tools you may have, or pieces of furniture that need assembling such as a basement entertainment center. Whatever you need to make the space functional should be on hand before you start your project. Remember, work smarter, not harder.

Hopefully, this list was helpful! If you have any questions or comments, let us know below. Stay safe and have a stress-free move, my friends.

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