• The Humane Society of Westchester’s Holiday Adoptions


    While some animals get quickly adopted from the human society, for others it can take quite some time before they find a home. For the rest of December, the Humane Society of Westchester will be offering discounted adoption fees for their “Lonely Heart” animals (any pet staying there more than 4 months or any pet 7 or older). If you’re looking for a pet, stop by at the humane society before the end of the month and help a lonely animal find a new home. Once you’ve got a pet for your new home, give Seamen’s a call and we’ll help both of you move there!

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  • Nocturnal Neighbors – Ossining’s Teatown Lake Reservation Owl Prowl


    Looking for a real hoot this January? The Teatown Lake Reservation will be holding it’s Owl Prowl on January 15th, a great opportunity to explore nature and learn about Owls. Attendees will learn about the life, habits, adaptations, and habitats of these local raptors. Over the hike, participants will be making owl calls in order to call in local owls like the great horned owl or maybe a screech owl! You can register online at the link below. If planning your next move has got you sounding like a screech owl, call Seamen’s Moving today and get it straightened out. We’re here for owl of your moving needs.

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  • Excellent 10 Tips before you move


    1. Get rid of things you don’t need- this is the perfect time to clear clutter.
    2. Make a list of things you need to do prior to do the move.
    3. Take pictures of all your rooms to remember where everything was and for memories.
    4. Take pictures of the new place and decide where you want everything to go.
    5. Set a date with Seamen’s Moving for an onsite Survey and choose the best day for your move. Call them at 203-374-3334.
    6. If you pack some of the things yourself, pack the boxes of the same room, label the boxes with color coded stickers and keep them together. It is better to use color stickers than only writing on the boxes, it will make your life much easier when you unpack.
    7. Stop buying perishable food 1 week before the move and defrost your refrigerator.
    8. Make plans to disconnect all hoses from dryer, washer, dishwasher and other appliances.
    9. Have your new home keys and make extra copies.
    10. On the day of the move, relax, get a Starbucks and let Seamen’s Moving do what they do best.

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  • Nolita


    Nolita, which is a neighborhood in Manhattan, was once considered part of neighboring Little Italy and even had its name derived from being just north of Little Italy (orth of Little Italy).  Many Italians have moved out of Manhattan which has caused Nolita to lose some of its old Italian flare.  The neighborhood is now home to some of New York’s wealthiest population that wants a quiet neighborhood in southern Manhattan to reside in.  Apartments are sold and rented at a premium in Nolita.  For that reason, the demographic in this upscale Manhattan neighborhood is shifting towards more young, successful professionals.  Is Nolita your next neighborhood? If so, call us to help you relocate into your new home.

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  • Brighton Beach


    Brighton Beach offers seaside access and is located in the southern portion of the Brooklyn borough.  This neighborhood is known for its high population of Russian-speaking residents.  The Russian influence is clearly visible as Russian restaurants and stores selling obscurely flavored vodka line the streets.  Despite being next to the high energy Coney Island, Brighton Beach is relatively tranquil.  In addition to its relaxed atmosphere, Brighton Beach has an actual beach that makes it easy for people to enjoy spending time with their families.  If you know anyone moving to the area, tell them to call Seamen’s. We offer quality and efficient moving services.

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  • Kensington


    If you enjoy being surrounded by different cultures and embracing ethnic diversity, you will fall in love with the relatively affordable Kensington neighborhood of Brooklyn. The long list of communities that you will find within Kensington include: African-American, Ukrainian, South Asian, Chinese, Jewish, Irish, Polish, Italian, Albanian Russian, Latino, and many others.  Additionally, due to its affordability, there has been a rise in young professionals flooding Kensington.  Affordability comes at a cost as this neighborhood is about a 45-minute commute to Midtown via the F train.  Residential buildings in Kensington range from wood-frame Victorian homes to brick row houses.  If you are planning to move into Kensington, call us to receive a free estimate.

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  • Bay Ridge


    Bay Ridge is a neighborhood located in the southwest portion of Brooklyn.  Its population is about 80,000 people.  Don’t let that you fool you, however; many say that Bay Ridge has a small town vibe despite being part of one of the biggest cities in the world.  The feel of a small town may be derived from the fact that the tallest building in the neighborhood is a 6-story apartment building.  The style of homes in the area includes low rise brick apartment buildings and townhomes.  It has an ethnically diverse population: Italian, Irish, Greek, Arabic, Russian, and Chinese are some of the predominant ethnic backgrounds you will find in here.  We will be sure to assist in any way possible if you are moving to or from the Bay Ridge neighborhood. Give us a call!

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  • Winter Village at Bryant Park


    There is something special about New York City during the Holiday Season.  Bryant Park becomes a spectacle that engulfs the Holiday spirit.  There is a 17,000-square-foot skating rink, 128 holiday shops, and eateries.  Celsius, a restaurant open exclusively during the winter, overlooks the ice rink offering lunch, dinner, and drinks.  Bryant Park is the perfect place to spend a chilly New York City day if you are trying to warm up to the Holiday Season.

  • The Veterans Day Parade


    Come out to support the veterans that fought for our country on November 11th.  The Veterans Day Parade will travel 5th Ave from 26th Street to 52nd Street and will begin at 11:25 a.m.  Over 25,000 participate in the parade every year.  Those who march in the parade include active officers, various veteran’s groups, junior ROTC members, and the families of veterans.  Show your appreciation for the brave people that fought for this nation by attending the parade.  Call Seamen’s to receive an estimate for moving services that you will not regret.

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  • The Oyster Bay Oyster Festival


    If you love fresh seafood and want to escape New York City for a day in mid-October, head out to Oyster Bay for the Oyster Festival.  The Oyster Festival is the East Coast’s largest waterfront festival.  It is in its 32nd year and expects to attract more than 200,000 people this year.  Oysters aren’t the only thing you’ll find there.  The festival includes live entertainment, shows, rides, eating contests and a food court that serves a plethora of seafood.  It is a free event for the public; proceeds from food court sales go towards supporting 25 local charities.  If you plan on moving sometime in the near future, call us for a caring and efficient move.

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