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NYC international moving overseas and shipping- imageNew York International Moving Service

When moving overseas, you can rely on Seamens’ international moving service to handle all of the details for the international relocation of you, your family or your businesses. Our staff is qualified to ship your most priceless possessions to the farthest corners of the globe.Seamens New York international moving service will provide consistent quality, reliability and expertise that you deserve.Our personal are specially trained with the knowledge to pack your heirlooms with the outmost care and attention to the finest details.Once in your destination country, our international moving service will handle your possessions with the same world class standard, by a trained local representative of Seamens international network. We offer comprehensive transit protection as a safeguard from loss or damage.

Cost of Moving Overseas:
Seamens can provide you the best service at competitive rates, with the most qualified trucking lines, steamship lines and airlines. The cost will be based on the volume and the destination.

We will monitor your move to provide you with up to the minute report.
Seamens moving can help make the daunting task of an international move, worry free.

Our New York International Moving Rates:
We offer binding estimates with reasonable and competitive rates. There are no surprises nor hidden costs. The cost is determined by measuring the volume of your goods.

Remember, no job is too small for Seamens. We offer our services outside of the United States, delivering to anywhere in the world. Storage is also available. Don't make a move without us.
New York International Moving Service | Moving Overseas NYC