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It’s hard to beat us when it comes to efficient, reliable, and timely moves within New York. We provide packing supplies and materials for local moving in NYC, as well as free shipping boxes for long distance moving in NY or out of it. Over the years our customer base has grown so significantly that we’ve opened up a New York international moving section within our company. We’ve provided safe and reliable overseas relocation services for families in the United States and abroad.

Every family and business is different. The specifics of any New York moving project are always different on a case by case basis and we make sure that your or your business get treated like an individual. We’re here to cater to your moving needs. We’re professional NYC movers, and we’ll get the job done at the best of our ability.

Seamen’s New York Moving Company provides free consultations and estimates on all of our services. To get in touch with us to discuss your moving needs for FREE at 1-800-440-0342 or Click here for a Free Online NYC Moving Estimate.

Why choose our New York Moving Company?

When you work with us, you’re making the right move.  Seamen’s Movers always pride themselves on the customer satisfaction of the Kew Gardens community.

When a big move is on the horizon, stress can mount. The busy New York City traffic adds hours of travel time to the job. Expensive tolls can bring untold fees to the moving process. After factoring in the costs of a do-it-yourself move, it will become clear to you that enlisting our professional help will make the process much easier.

Our movers are simply committed to being the best moving service in the area. After submitting your moving information forms you will be contacted by licensed and insured professional movers in your area that can help.

Benefits of using our New York Moving Services

  • Movers that understand the ins and out of the New York area, and will strive to make your life move stress-free, enjoyable and affordable
  • Movers licensed in NY
  • Houston movers that carry Insurance
  • Free box delivery in Kew Gardens
  • Free estimates on Kew Gardens Moving Services
  • Free delivery of packing materials in Forest Hills
Our New York long distance moving service is the best around:

When it comes to long distance moves, we’ve done your homework for you and prepared for it all. Our movers are extensively trained in moving furniture, antiques, and valuables cross-country, safe and sound. With us, moving from N.Y. to L.A. is as simple as moving across the street.

  • Long distance moving to New York City
  • Long distance moving to the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and more
  • Long distance moving to upstate New York
Why use our New York Commercial Movers and Business Relocation

Seamen’s New York Commercial Movers offer professional business moving and relocation services within and out of Kew Gardens. Our New York commercial moving service can be trusted to handle your move quickly, efficiently, safely and economically. Here are some extra benefits of our business relocation service:

  • An all-inclusive flat rate, helping you stay within budget
  • Extra benefits for corporate accounts
  • A dedicated point person you can go to for all your needs
  • Coast-to-coast and international relocation program
We Provide New York International Movers and Service

Our international moving service is handled by a team of specialists and assisted by the solid partnerships we have created throughout the years. Our carefully developed system for international moving ensures that your possessions arrive safely at your new home.

The benefits of using our New York International Moving Company

  • Binding estimates
  • Competitive Rates
  • Up to the minute reports on moves
  • Worry free. Stress free.
  • Qualified trucking lines, steamship lines, and airlines.
  • No surprises or hidden costs.


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Seamen’s New York Moving Company is a group of the leading NYC movers who specialize in residential moving, commercial moving, and international moving services from their New York base. Their moving tactics and reliability see to it that your move is completed on time, all the time.
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